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Sales Lead Pipeline

A Sales Lead Pipeline is an essential for every business since it is the origin of each and every customer. The most important work your marketing team can do is keep track of and improve the sales pipeline in order to convert leads into qualified customers.

APPB Sales Lead management applications help sales teams store information about a lead, including source, deal size, and probability to close. Additionally, tools such as SharePoint Sales Lead Pipeline applications track the status of sales leads over time. This enables your team to update additional information about potential customers such as next steps, competitors, key product enhancement desires, and close date.

APPB Sales Lead Pipeline applications include the ability to:

  • Create leads
  • Convert leads
  • Enter account information
  • Close an account
  • Manage team sales opportunities
  • Perform competitive analysis
  • Track product enhancements

APPB’s easy to use and affordable applications manage, track, and automate real time Sales Lead Pipelines and improve profitability.

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